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General research tools

To open the history of sites that your browser has visited: 
 Ctrl + H -- Opens history 

 If you want to find a specific string of text on your current page: 
 Ctrl + F -- Opens the find dialogue box 

 To open a new window to surf in: 
 Ctrl + N -- Opens a new browser window 

 Cool Trick Time: To open a link on the current page in a new window: 
 Place the cursor over the link you want to open in a new window, then 
 right click on your mouse button and select, "Open in new window." 

 You can type in an address in the address bar easily: 
 Alt + D -- Places your cursor in the address bar. 

 Your browser also keeps a record of recently typed in 
 addresses, to see this history: 
 F4 -- History of recently typed in addresses. 

 To close an open without clicking the close box: 
 Ctrl + W -- Closes the active window 

 Handy others: 
 ALT + TAB -- Cycles through open applications 
 CTRL + ESC -- Brings up Start menu 
 ALT + F4 -- Shuts down the selected program. 
 CTRL + Z -- Undo 
 CTRL + Y -- Redo 
 CTRL + A -- Select All 

 And finally... 
       F1 -- Help

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