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1850 Mortality Schedule - Scotland County, Missouri


1850 Scotland County, Missouri
Mortality Schedule

Name Age Sex Race Free/








Occupation Cause of


# of

Days Ill

Lovell, Sarah 83 F Married Ireland May Old Age C
Butler, Catharine 2day F MO May Phrenitis 14
Childers, John S. 3 M MO Mar Fever 6
Childers, William P 4mo M MO Dec Phrenitis 5
Stover, Charles 56 M Married Maine May Farmer Pneumonia 10
Somers, Virginia 6 F MO Feb Worms 1
Henry, Mary 73 F Widow PA Aug Old Age 7w
Eshelman, Mary L. 11m F MO Sept Phrenitis 7
Hon, Araminta 4 F KY Jan Worms 3
Justice, Alsophine 2 F MO Apr Croup 4
Pearson, John 37 M Married England Jun Sadler Quinsy 5
Bryant, Mary 22 F Married MD Feb Consumption C
Harris, Margaret A 4 F MO May Phrenitis 15
Witt, Charles C. 10 M KY Feb Worms 37
Kennedy, Mary 14 F PA Nov Convulsions C
Fields, Emaliah 21 F MO July Poisoned 1
Palmer, Eliza Jane 15 F OH Jun Bronchitis C
McMama, Hiram E. 7mo M MO Sep Cholera 10
McDowell, 2 M MO May Enterotis 6
Hon, William T. 2 M KY Apr Croup 1
Step, Nancy 32 F Married VA May Liver dis C
Palmer, James 52 M Married PA Jun Farmer Consumption C
Palmer, Daniel 22 M OH Dec Farmer Consumption C
Wise, John 1 M MO Nov Worms 6w
Cline, Elizabeth 74 F Married PA Paralalis 15
Stroud, Pembroke 3mo M MO Sep Cholera 8
Slavin, Dorothy A. 40 F Married KY May Conjest. fev 20
Smoot, Oscar 6mo M MO May Pneumonia 28
Amerman, John 35 M KY Nov Farmer Typhoid Fev 6
Cathell, Joshua 66 M Married MD Dec Physcian Pneumonia 5
Cathell, Eleaner 62 F Widow MD Jan Pneumonia 4
Tanner, Massey 5mo M MO Nov Pneumonia 4
Saberry, Mary Ann 34 F Married PA Feb Puerp. Fev 7
Finney, Frances E. 4 F MO Jan Pneumonia 7
Harris, Samuel 5 M MO Nov Croup 1
Snodgrass, John 2 M MO Sep Croup 15
Snodgrass, Benton 1 M MO Mar Croup -
Cline, 2mo F MO Feb Croup 8
Weyer, John 46 M Married OH Apr Carpenter Chronic C
Conway, Richard 25 M Married KY Jul Farmer Consumption C
Durham, Mary J. 10 F KY Feb Scarlett Fev 8
Durham, Ellen 1 F MO Feb Scarlett Fev 5
Gristy, Maria 27 F Married IL Aug Dysentary 5
Gristy, Mary E. 8mo F IA Jun Whooping C. 38
Hays, Elizabeth V 1mo F MO Jan Erysipilis 5w
Nave, John A. 7 M KY Apr Measles 3w
Corbin, Joseph 10mo M MO Apr Sore throat C
Parish, Thomas W. 1mo M MO Aug Unknown 24
Lackey, James M 11 M IL Nov Nuralzia 8
Anderson, Thomas 32 M Married OH Mar Farmer Typhoid Fev 3w
Dickerson, Jeanette 50 F Married VA Feb 8
Carter, Elizabeth 30 F Married VA Feb Childbirth 4
Stice, Nancy J. 7 F MO Aug Typhoid Fev 5
Stice, William 16 M MO Jan Farmer Typhoid Fev 27
Wilfley, Samuel 5mo M MO Nov Phrenitis 6w
West, Saindy L. 35 F KY May Nervous S 2
March, Mary 1mo F MO Oct Unknown 7
Hicks, Absolam 20 M MO Aug Farmer Phrenitis 8
Sallee, John B. 27 M Married KY Mar Farmer Typhoid Fev 5w
Givins, John J 2 M MO Unk Croup 15
Hillbrant, Henry 24 M Married OH Feb Farmer Typhoid Fev 11
Rounsaville, 1mo F MO Mar Unknown 15
Whitson, William 11mo M MO Sep Prenitis 15
March, Elizabeth 46 F Married KY Oct Pneumonia 20
Trouth, Elizabeth 40 F Married VA Feb Consumption 7
Simeon 12 M Black Slave VA Jun Consumption C
Comby, John 10 M IN Mar Unknown 2
Case, Elizabeth L. 5mo F MO Feb Croup 2
Wills, Nancy 32 F Married KY Feb Dropsy C
Whitten, Elizabeth 12 F VA Feb Congestion 1

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