How to Avoid Scam Genealogy Websites

The World Wide Web is vast, and so is the available information. Tracing our roots has never been easier, thanks to the power of the Internet, which is why so many Americans have begun delving into their families’ histories and learning amazing facts that make their family trees so unique.

However, along with opportunities come challenges, particularly when it comes to telling the difference between legitimate, reputable resources and scam sites that are interested in little more than your money. One of the best ways to understand if a genealogy website is upfront and reputable is to put it to the test., a leading genealogy website, has a number of features that set it far apart from other genealogy websites that talk a good game, but deliver very little. When looking into genealogy websites (and ruling out those websites that are scams), ask yourself the following questions: Scam Question #1: Do I get to try out the website before paying for any services or memberships? features some of the best genealogy features on the Internet, which is why they encourage users to explore the site via a free trial membership.

In contrast, if the genealogy website you look at makes you pay a fee before you even understand what it has to offer, it is best to save your money and walk away. Scam Question #2: Are the genealogy website databases extensive and comprehensive?

Many genealogy scam websites claim to have extensive databases and records collections, but in reality, they provide very limited information. If you want more detailed information, you must either go elsewhere or – you guessed it – pay more money for access to more comprehensive databases., however, offers a massive collection of records (over two billion, in fact!) that are included in their low membership fee. From the social security index and U.S. funeral home obituaries to middle school, high school and even military yearbooks, the massive databases and collections of are at your fingertips and are all included with your membership. Scam Question #3: Does the genealogy website have anything else to offer? not only sets itself apart from scam websites by providing a vast network of records databases and collections, but it also offers its members a number of practical products and services, including: research strategies, panel discussions with genealogy experts, DNA tests, and even a vast court runner network that provides members with access to non-digitized court records. is simply unparalleled in terms of products and services for its members. Scam Question #4: Is the genealogy website user-friendly?

A genealogy website is only useful if you can easily perform searches and find relevant information. Searching for your family’s history shouldn’t be a complicated, frustrating endeavor. ensures easier searching methods by delivering advanced algorithms that produce the best search results to fast search engines that provide members with the most comprehensive information in a flash.’s search filters also allow members to get the information they need without all of the extraneous information they do not. Scam Question #5: Has the genealogy website received industry praise or high reviews from independent sources?

A great way to tell the difference between a genealogy website that may be a scam and a reputable genealogy website is to carefully read what independent industry sources have said about the site. has been recognized by a number of leading industry websites, magazines and industry experts, including Family Tree Magazine, which ranked it as one of the best family history websites, and ProGenealogist, which included it in its annual ranking of the Top 50 Genealogy Websites.