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State of Kansas

City                      County                   Type            Population
====                      ======                   ====            ==========
Abbyville                 Reno County              City            144
Abilene                   Dickinson County         City            6,519
Achilles                  Rawlins County           Township        80
Ada                       Ottawa County            Zip Code        0
Adams                     Nemaha County            Township        199
Adell                     Sheridan County          Township        21
Admire                    Lyon County              City            147
Adrian                    Jackson County           Township        125
Aetna                     Barber County            Township        23
Afton                     Sedgwick County          Township        1,022
Agency                    Osage County             Township        544
Agenda                    Republic County          City            77
Agnes City                Lyon County              Township        499
Agra                      Phillips County          City            285
Alamota                   Lane County              Township        72
Albano                    Stafford County          Township        60
Albert                    Barton County            City            214
Albion                    Reno County              Township        814
Alden                     Rice County              City            172
Alexander                 Rush County              City            67
Alexander-Belle Prairie   Rush County              Township        128
Alexandria                Leavenworth County       Township        828
Allen                     Lyon County              City            190
Allison                   Decatur County           Township        42
Allodium                  Graham County            Township        59
Alma                      Wabaunsee County         City            828
Almena                    Norton County            City            421
Almena-District 4         Norton County            Township        570
Alta                      Harvey County            Township        274
Alta Vista                Wabaunsee County         City            454
Altamont                  Labette County           City            1,028
Alton                     Osborne County           City            108
Altoona                   Wilson County            City            468
Altory                    Decatur County           Township        30
Americus                  Lyon County              City            870
Ames                      Cloud County             Zip Code        0
Andale                    Sedgwick County          City            635
Andover                   Butler County            City            5,964
Antelope                  Marion County            Zip Code        0
Anthony                   Harper County            City            2,242
Antonino                  Ellis County             Zip Code        0
Appanoose                 Franklin County          Township        302
Appleton                  Clark County             Township        873
Arcade                    Phillips County          Township        97
Arcadia                   Crawford County          City            337
Argonia                   Sumner County            City            515
Arion                     Cloud County             Township        99
Arkansas City             Cowley County            City            12,300
Arlington                 Reno County              City            440
Arma                      Crawford County          City            1,446
Arnold                    Ness County              Zip Code        0
Arvonia                   Osage County             Township        165
Ash Creek                 Ellsworth County         Township        66
Ash Valley                Pawnee County            Township        60
Asherville                Mitchell County          Township        132
Ashland                   Clark County             City            974
Assaria                   Saline County            City            380
Atchison                  Atchison County          City            10,594
Athelstane                Clay County              Township        159
Athens                    Jewell County            Township        85
Athol                     Smith County             City            77
Atlanta                   Cowley County            City            228
Attica                    Harper County            City            637
Atwood                    Rawlins County           City            1,304
Aubry                     Johnson County           Township        5,096
Auburn                    Shawnee County           City            1,040
Augusta                   Butler County            City            8,839
Augustine                 Logan County             Township        31
Aurora                    Cloud County             City            91
Avilla                    Comanche County          Township        92
Avon                      Sumner County            Township        324
Axtell                    Marshall County          City            423
Bachelor                  Greenwood County         Township        254
Baileyville               Nemaha County            Zip Code        0
Baker                     Crawford County          Township        3,425
Bala                      Riley County             Township        674
Balderson                 Marshall County          Township        117
Baldwin City              Douglas County           City            3,428
Banner                    Jackson County           Township        343
Barclay                   Osage County             Township        213
Barnard                   Lincoln County           City            120
Barnes                    Washington County        City            159
Barrett                   Thomas County            Township        153
Bartlett                  Labette County           City            103
Basehor                   Leavenworth County       City            2,181
Bassett                   Allen County             City            21
Bassettville              Decatur County           Township        46
Battle Creek              Lincoln County           Township        52
Battle Hill               McPherson County         Township        110
Bavaria                   Saline County            Zip Code        0
Baxter Spgs               Cherokee County          Zip Code        0
Baxter Springs            Cherokee County          City            4,181
Bazaar                    Chase County             Township        91
Bazine                    Ness County              City            315
Bear Creek                Hamilton County          Township        59
Beattie                   Marshall County          City            218
Beaumont                  Butler County            Zip Code        0
Beaver                    Lincoln County           Township        405
Beeler                    Ness County              Zip Code        0
Bel Aire                  Sedgwick County          City            5,515
Bell                      Reno County              Township        95
Bellaire                  Smith County             Zip Code        0
Belle Plaine              Sumner County            City            1,698
Belleville                Republic County          City            2,330
Belmont                   Phillips County          Township        137
Beloit                    Mitchell County          City            3,929
Belpre                    Edwards County           City            105
Belvidere                 Pratt County             Zip Code        0
Belvue                    Pottawatomie County      City            226
Bendena                   Doniphan County          Zip Code        0
Benedict                  Wilson County            City            106
Benkelman                 Cheyenne County          Township        53
Bennett                   Kingman County           Township        638
Bennington                Ottawa County            City            589
Bentley                   Sedgwick County          City            398
Benton                    Butler County            City            837
Bern                      Nemaha County            City            185
Berryton                  Shawnee County           Zip Code        0
Berwick                   Nemaha County            Township        372
Bethany                   Osborne County           Township        209
Beverly                   Lincoln County           City            122
Big Bend                  Republic County          Township        266
Big Creek                 Ellis County             Township        1,791
Big Timber                Rush County              Township        158
Bigelow                   Marshall County          Township        91
Bird City                 Cheyenne County          City            458
Bison                     Rush County              City            197
Black Wolf                Ellsworth County         Township        99
Blaine                    Clay County              Township        300
Blakely                   Geary County             Township        86
Bloom                     Ford County              Township        150
Bloomfield                Mitchell County          Township        90
Bloomington               Butler County            Township        479
Blue                      Pottawatomie County      Township        1,961
Blue Hill                 Mitchell County          Township        43
Blue Mound                Linn County              City            263
Blue Rapids               Marshall County          City            1,106
Blue Rapids City          Marshall County          Township        1,206
Blue Valley               Pottawatomie County      Township        364
Bluff                     Sumner County            Township        117
Bluff City                Harper County            City            62
Bogue                     Graham County            City            158
Bolton                    Cowley County            Township        2,011
Bonaville                 McPherson County         Township        71
Bonner Springs            Wyandotte County         City            6,724
Bow Creek                 Phillips County          Township        39
Bowcreek                  Sheridan County          Township        54
Brantford                 Washington County        Township        103
Bremen                    Marshall County          Zip Code        0
Brewster                  Thomas County            City            275
Bronson                   Bourbon County           City            350
Brookville                Saline County            City            220
Brownell                  Ness County              City            39
Browns Creek              Jewell County            Township        69
Browns Grove              Pawnee County            Township        298
Bruno                     Butler County            Township        9,611
Bryant                    Graham County            Township        149
Buckeye                   Dickinson County         Township        429
Bucklin                   Ford County              City            705
Bucyrus                   Miami County             Zip Code        0
Buffalo                   Wilson County            City            288
Buhler                    Reno County              City            1,290
Bunker Hill               Russell County           City            112
Burden                    Cowley County            City            509
Burdett                   Pawnee County            City            248
Burdick                   Morris County            Zip Code        0
Burlingame                Osage County             City            1,090
Burlington                Coffey County            City            2,666
Burns                     Marion County            City            216
Burr Oak                  Jewell County            City            240
Burrton                   Harvey County            City            889
Bushong                   Lyon County              City            57
Bushton                   Rice County              City            323
Byers                     Pratt County             City            49
Byron                     Stafford County          Township        87
Caldwell                  Sumner County            City            1,317
Calhoun                   Cheyenne County          Township        59
Calvin                    Jewell County            Township        54
Cambria                   Saline County            Township        433
Cambridge                 Cowley County            City            72
Canada                    Labette County           Township        251
Caney                     Montgomery County        City            1,894
Caneyville                Chautauqua County        Township        80
Canton                    McPherson County         City            767
Canville                  Neosho County            Township        506
Capioma                   Nemaha County            Township        155
Carbondale                Osage County             City            1,701
Carlton                   Dickinson County         City            41
Carlyle                   Allen County             Township        284
Carneiro                  Ellsworth County         Township        53
Carona                    Cherokee County          Zip Code        0
Carr Creek                Mitchell County          Township        34
Cassoday                  Butler County            City            98
Castle                    McPherson County         Township        234
Castleton                 Reno County              Township        250
Catharine                 Ellis County             Zip Code        0
Catherine                 Ellis County             Township        293
Catlin                    Marion County            Township        203
Cawker                    Mitchell County          Township        631
Cawker City               Mitchell County          City            585
Cedar                     Smith County             City            23
Cedar Point               Chase County             City            36
Cedar Vale                Chautauqua County        City            751
Cedron                    Lincoln County           Township        45
Center                    Smith County             Township        2,036
Center-District 1         Norton County            Township        1,382
Centerville               Neosho County            Township        576
Centralia                 Nemaha County            City            420
Centropolis               Franklin County          Township        945
Chanute                   Neosho County            City            9,082
Chapman                   Dickinson County         City            1,332
Charleston                Washington County        Township        109
Chase                     Rice County              City            553
Chautauqua                Chautauqua County        City            128
Cheever                   Dickinson County         Township        149
Chelsea                   Butler County            Township        179
Cheney                    Sedgwick County          City            1,742
Cherokee                  Crawford County          City            664
Cherry                    Montgomery County        Township        542
Cherryvale                Montgomery County        City            2,322
Chetopa                   Labette County           City            1,289
Cheyenne                  Lane County              Township        335
Chikaskia                 Kingman County           Township        186
Cimarron                  Gray County              City            1,675
Circleville               Jackson County           City            145
Claflin                   Barton County            City            616
Clarence                  Barton County            Township        140
Clark                     Marion County            Township        189
Clay                      Reno County              Township        3,093
Clay Center               Clay County              City            4,572
Clayton                   Norton County            City            88
Clear Creek               Marion County            Township        599
Clear Fork                Marshall County          Township        48
Clearview City            Johnson County           Zip Code        0
Clearwater                Sedgwick County          City            2,049
Clements                  Chase County             Zip Code        0
Cleveland                 Stafford County          Township        101
Cleveland Run             Cheyenne County          Township        77
Clifford                  Butler County            Township        316
Clifton                   Washington County        City            474
Climax                    Greenwood County         City            59
Clinton                   Douglas County           Township        409
Clyde                     Cloud County             City            704
Coats                     Pratt County             City            131
Codell                    Rooks County             Zip Code        0
Coffeyville               Montgomery County        City            12,031
Colby                     Thomas County            City            5,318
Coldwater                 Comanche County          City            819
Coleman                   Washington County        Township        79
Colfax                    Wilson County            Township        462
Collyer                   Trego County             City            128
Colony                    Anderson County          City            446
Colorado                  Lincoln County           Township        255
Columbia                  Ellsworth County         Township        74
Columbus                  Cherokee County          City            3,535
Colwich                   Sedgwick County          City            1,219
Comanche                  Barton County            Township        484
Concord                   Ottawa County            Township        177
Concordia                 Cloud County             City            5,594
Conkling                  Pawnee County            Township        31
Conway                    Sumner County            Township        1,290
Conway Springs            Sumner County            City            1,400
Cook                      Decatur County           Township        45
Coolidge                  Hamilton County          City            89
Copeland                  Gray County              City            294
Cora                      Smith County             Township        57
Corinth                   Osborne County           Township        53
Corning                   Nemaha County            City            136
Cottage Grove             Allen County             Township        299
Cottage Hill              Marshall County          Township        135
Cottonwood                Chase County             Township        193
Cottonwood Falls          Chase County             City            860
Council Grove             Morris County            City            2,200
Countryside               Johnson County           City            308
Courtland                 Republic County          City            311
Covert                    Osborne County           Township        24
Coyville                  Wilson County            City            79
Crawford                  Crawford County          Township        748
Creek                     Sumner County            Township        246
Crestline                 Cherokee County          Zip Code        0
Creswell                  Cowley County            Township        2,477
Crooked Creek             Meade County             Township        90
Crystal                   Phillips County          Township        51
Crystal Plains            Smith County             Township        40
Cuba                      Republic County          City            233
Cullison                  Pratt County             City            132
Culver                    Ottawa County            City            181
Cummings                  Atchison County          Zip Code        0
Cunningham                Kingman County           City            523
Custer                    Mitchell County          Township        172
Cutler                    Franklin County          Township        775
Dale                      Kingman County           Township        211
Damar                     Rooks County             City            110
Danville                  Harper County            City            53
Darlington                Harvey County            Township        531
Dayton                    Saline County            Township        171
De Soto                   Johnson County           City            3,261
Dearing                   Montgomery County        City            431
Deer Creek                Allen County             Township        131
Deerfield                 Kearny County            City            704
Deerhead                  Barber County            Township        15
Delano                    Sedgwick County          Township        441
Delavan                   Dickinson County         Zip Code        0
Delaware                  Jefferson County         Township        2,181
Delhi                     Osborne County           Township        41
Delia                     Jackson County           City            158
Delmore                   McPherson County         Township        151
Delphos                   Ottawa County            City            487
Denison                   Jackson County           City            207
Dennis                    Labette County           Zip Code        0
Densmore                  Norton County            Zip Code        0
Denton                    Doniphan County          City            158
Derby                     Sedgwick County          City            18,327
Dexter                    Cowley County            City            307
Diamond Creek             Chase County             Township        273
Dighton                   Lane County              City            1,297
Dixon                     Sumner County            Township        733
Dodge                     Ford County              Township        756
Dodge City                Ford County              City            22,456
Dor                       Smith County             Township        56
Dorrance                  Russell County           City            182
Douglas                   Jackson County           Township        1,986
Douglass                  Butler County            City            1,887
Dover                     Shawnee County           Township        1,374
Downs                     Osborne County           City            1,027
Doyle                     Marion County            Township        75
Dragoon                   Osage County             Township        274
Dresden                   Decatur County           City            64
Driftwood                 Rawlins County           Township        120
Drum Creek                Montgomery County        Township        480
Drywood                   Bourbon County           Township        421
Duck Creek                Wilson County            Township        114
Dudley                    Haskell County           Township        1,472
Duluth                    Pottawatomie County      Zip Code        0
Dundee                    Barton County            Zip Code        0
Dunlap                    Morris County            City            69
Durham                    Marion County            City            125
Durham Park               Marion County            Township        273
Dwight                    Morris County            City            378
Eagle                     Sedgwick County          Township        1,049
Earlton                   Neosho County            City            72
East Branch               Marion County            Township        211
East Cooper               Stafford County          Township        83
East Hale                 Thomas County            Township        143
East Hess                 Gray County              Township        375
East Hibbard              Kearny County            Township        125
East Saline               Sheridan County          Township        66
East Washington           Rice County              Township        138
Eastborough               Sedgwick County          City            880
Easton                    Leavenworth County       City            430
Eden                      Sumner County            Township        390
Edgerton                  Johnson County           City            1,424
Edmond                    Norton County            City            36
Edna                      Labette County           City            432
Edson                     Sherman County           Zip Code        0
Edwardsville              Wyandotte County         City            4,201
Effingham                 Atchison County          City            548
El Dorado                 Butler County            City            13,078
Elbing                    Butler County            City            210
Elgin                     Chautauqua County        City            119
Elk                       Osage County             Township        1,841
Elk City                  Montgomery County        City            321
Elk Creek                 Republic County          Township        190
Elk Falls                 Elk County               City            124
Elkader                   Logan County             Township        23
Elkhart                   Morton County            City            2,161
Elkhorn                   Lincoln County           Township        908
Ellinwood                 Barton County            City            2,161
Ellis                     Ellis County             City            1,722
Ellsworth                 Ellsworth County         City            2,599
Elm                       Allen County             Township        1,235
Elm Creek                 Saline County            Township        729
Elm Grove                 Labette County           Township        808
Elm Mills                 Barber County            Township        120
Elmdale                   Chase County             City            83
Elmendaro                 Lyon County              Township        1,036
Elsmore                   Allen County             City            90
Elwood                    Doniphan County          City            1,081
Emma                      Harvey County            Township        4,539
Emmett                    Pottawatomie County      City            182
Empire                    McPherson County         Township        1,185
Emporia                   Lyon County              City            24,462
Englewood                 Clark County             City            94
Ensign                    Gray County              City            186
Enterprise                Dickinson County         City            853
Erie                      Neosho County            City            1,242
Erving                    Jewell County            Township        63
Esbon                     Jewell County            City            154
Eskridge                  Wabaunsee County         City            482
Eudora                    Douglas County           City            3,754
Eureka                    Greenwood County         City            3,014
Evan                      Kingman County           Township        473
Everest                   Brown County             City            316
Exeter                    Clay County              Township        95
Fairfax                   Osage County             Township        510
Fairfield                 Russell County           Township        65
Fairmount                 Leavenworth County       Township        5,081
Fairplay                  Marion County            Township        130
Fairview                  Brown County             City            294
Fairway                   Johnson County           City            4,144
Fall River                Greenwood County         City            118
Falls                     Chase County             Township        1,048
Falun                     Saline County            Township        250
Fancy Creek               Riley County             Township        122
Fargo                     Seward County            Township        1,366
Farlington                Crawford County          Zip Code        0
Farmer                    Rice County              Township        461
Farmington                Stafford County          Township        560
Fawn Creek                Montgomery County        Township        2,100
Finley                    Decatur County           Township        52
Five Creeks               Clay County              Township        161
Flora                     Dickinson County         Township        213
Florence                  Marion County            City            674
Fontana                   Miami County             City            159
Foote                     Gray County              Township        129
Ford                      Ford County              City            278
Formoso                   Jewell County            City            116
Forrester                 Ness County              Township        117
Fort Dodge                Ford County              Zip Code        0
Fort Leavenworth          Leavenworth County       Zip Code        0
Fort Riley                Geary County             Zip Code        0
Fort Scott                Bourbon County           City            8,315
Fostoria                  Pottawatomie County      Zip Code        0
Fountain                  Ottawa County            Township        195
Fowler                    Meade County             City            620
Fragrant Hill             Dickinson County         Township        236
Frankfort                 Marshall County          City            818
Franklin                  Franklin County          Township        2,364
Frederick                 Rice County              City            17
Fredonia                  Wilson County            City            2,484
Freedom                   Bourbon County           Township        421
Freeport                  Harper County            City            9
Fremont                   Lyon County              Township        935
Friend                    Scott County             Zip Code        0
Frontenac                 Crawford County          City            2,642
Fulton                    Bourbon County           City            196
Gaeland                   Gove County              Township        54
Galatia                   Barton County            City            42
Gale                      Marion County            Township        255
Galena                    Cherokee County          City            3,229
Galesburg                 Neosho County            City            164
Galt                      Rice County              Township        73
Galva                     McPherson County         City            664
Garden                    Cherokee County          Township        3,007
Garden City               Finney County            City            26,039
Garden Plain              Sedgwick County          City            796
Gardner                   Johnson County           City            6,563
Garfield                  Pawnee County            City            236
Garland                   Bourbon County           Zip Code        0
Garnett                   Anderson County          City            3,224
Gas                       Allen County             City            536
Gaylord                   Smith County             City            154
Gem                       Thomas County            City            104
Geneseo                   Rice County              City            382
Geneva                    Allen County             Township        159
German                    Smith County             Township        37
Gettysburg                Graham County            Township        94
Geuda Springs             Sumner County            City            239
Gill                      Clay County              Township        162
Gilman                    Nemaha County            Township        240
Girard                    Crawford County          City            2,593
Glade                     Phillips County          City            102
Glasco                    Cloud County             City            498
Glen Elder                Mitchell County          City            431
Glencoe                   Butler County            Township        285
Glendale                  Saline County            Township        111
Glenwood                  Phillips County          Township        51
Goddard                   Sedgwick County          City            1,917
Goessel                   Marion County            City            512
Goff                      Nemaha County            City            149
Golden Belt               Lincoln County           Township        73
Goodland                  Sherman County           City            4,669
Gore                      Sumner County            Township        2,551
Gorham                    Russell County           City            263
Goshen                    Clay County              Township        81
Gove                      Gove County              Township        223
Gove City                 Gove County              City            99
Graham                    Graham County            Township        55
Grainfield                Gove County              City            349
Granada                   Nemaha County            Township        103
Grand River               Sedgwick County          Township        669
Grandview                 Ford County              Township        830
Grandview Plaza           Geary County             City            1,218
Granite                   Phillips County          Township        27
Grant                     Sedgwick County          Township        3,805
Grantville                Jefferson County         Zip Code        0
Grasshopper               Atchison County          Township        633
Great Bend                Barton County            City            14,461
Greeley                   Anderson County          City            353
Green                     Clay County              City            142
Green Garden              Ellsworth County         Township        229
Greene                    Sumner County            Township        101
Greenfield                Elk County               Township        348
Greenleaf                 Washington County        City            337
Greensburg                Kiowa County             City            1,581
Greenwich                 Sedgwick County          Zip Code        0
Greenwood                 Franklin County          Township        420
Grenola                   Elk County               City            263
Gridley                   Coffey County            City            380
Grinnell                  Gove County              City            339
Grove                     Shawnee County           Township        309
Groveland                 McPherson County         Township        218
Guelph                    Sumner County            Township        175
Guilford                  Wilson County            Township        200
Guittard                  Marshall County          Township        449
Gypsum                    Saline County            City            346
Gypsum Creek              McPherson County         Township        197
Hackberry                 Labette County           Township        379
Haddam                    Washington County        City            183
Hallet                    Hodgeman County          Township        42
Hallowell                 Cherokee County          Zip Code        0
Halstead                  Harvey County            City            2,085
Hamilton                  Greenwood County         City            320
Hamlin                    Brown County             City            47
Hampden                   Coffey County            Township        89
Hampton-Fairview          Rush County              Township        298
Hancock                   Osborne County           Township        25
Hanover                   Washington County        City            551
Hanston                   Hodgeman County          City            281
Happy                     Graham County            Township        79
Hardtner                  Barber County            City            192
Harlan                    Smith County             Township        82
Harmon                    Sumner County            Township        299
Harper                    Harper County            City            1,555
Harris                    Anderson County          City            42
Harrison                  Franklin County          Township        462
Harrison-District 6       Norton County            Township        20
Hartford                  Lyon County              City            556
Hartland                  Kearny County            Township        125
Harvey                    Smith County             Township        107
Harveyville               Wabaunsee County         City            250
Haskell                   Haskell County           Township        1,921
Havana                    Montgomery County        City            119
Haven                     Reno County              City            1,213
Havensville               Pottawatomie County      City            154
Haviland                  Kiowa County             City            626
Hawkeye                   Osborne County           Township        33
Hayes                     Franklin County          Township        416
Hays                      Ellis County             City            18,866
Haysville                 Sedgwick County          City            8,922
Hazelton                  Barber County            City            124
Healy                     Lane County              Zip Code        0
Heizer                    Barton County            Zip Code        0
Hendricks                 Chautauqua County        Township        180
Henry                     Ottawa County            Township        34
Hepler                    Crawford County          City            151
Herington                 Dickinson County         City            2,625
Herkimer                  Marshall County          Township        264
Herl                      Rawlins County           Township        457
Herndon                   Rawlins County           City            153
Herzog                    Ellis County             Township        890
Hesston                   Harvey County            City            3,863
Hiattville                Bourbon County           Zip Code        0
Hiawatha                  Brown County             City            3,578
Hickory                   Butler County            Township        105
High Prairie              Leavenworth County       Township        1,858
Highland                  Doniphan County          City            983
Highland-District 2       Norton County            Township        784
Highpoint                 Ness County              Township        109
Hill City                 Graham County            City            1,617
Hillsboro                 Marion County            City            3,208
Hillsdale                 Miami County             Zip Code        0
Hoisington                Barton County            City            2,915
Holcomb                   Finney County            City            2,001
Holland                   Dickinson County         Township        128
Hollenberg                Washington County        City            25
Holmwood                  Jewell County            Township        63
Holton                    Jackson County           City            3,156
Holyrood                  Ellsworth County         City            478
Home                      Nemaha County            Township        536
Homestead                 Chase County             Township        64
Homewood                  Franklin County          Township        473
Hoosier                   Kingman County           Township        182
Hope                      Dickinson County         City            408
Horace                    Greeley County           City            174
Horton                    Brown County             City            1,855
Houston                   Smith County             Township        206
Howard                    Elk County               City            816
Hoxie                     Sheridan County          City            1,214
Hoyt                      Jackson County           City            533
Hudson                    Stafford County          City            154
Hugoton                   Stevens County           City            3,400
Humboldt                  Allen County             City            2,130
Hunnewell                 Sumner County            City            94
Hunter                    Mitchell County          City            110
Huntsville                Reno County              Township        149
Huron                     Atchison County          City            74
Hutchinson                Reno County              City            39,016
Illinois                  Sedgwick County          Township        1,888
Independence              Montgomery County        City            9,588
Independent               Barton County            Township        821
Indian Creek              Anderson County          Township        159
Indiana                   Lincoln County           Township        190
Industry                  Dickinson County         Zip Code        0
Ingalls                   Gray County              City            317
Inman                     McPherson County         City            1,129
Iola                      Allen County             City            6,171
Ionia                     Jewell County            Township        100
Iowa                      Doniphan County          Township        1,754
Irving                    Brown County             Township        316
Isabel                    Barber County            City            98
Isbel                     Scott County             Township        128
Itasca                    Sherman County           Township        318
Iuka                      Pratt County             City            213
Ivanhoe                   Finney County            Township        414
Ivy                       Lyon County              Township        256
Jackson                   Lyon County              Township        901
Jamestown                 Cloud County             City            302
Janesville                Greenwood County         Township        641
Jaqua                     Cheyenne County          Township        58
Jefferson                 Geary County             Township        1,602
Jennings                  Decatur County           City            153
Jerome                    Gove County              Township        146
Jetmore                   Hodgeman County          City            891
Jewell                    Jewell County            City            458
Johnson                   Ness County              Township        66
Johnson City              Stanton County           City            1,294
Junction                  Osage County             Township        996
Junction City             Geary County             City            16,970
Kalvesta                  Gray County              Zip Code        0
Kanopolis                 Ellsworth County         City            601
Kanorado                  Sherman County           City            263
Kansas City               Wyandotte County         City            141,297
Kanwaka                   Douglas County           Township        1,175
Kapioma                   Atchison County          Township        257
Kaw                       Jefferson County         Township        1,618
Kechi                     Sedgwick County          City            940
Kelly                     Nemaha County            Zip Code        0
Kendall                   Kearny County            Township        135
Kenneth                   Sheridan County          Township        1,386
Kensington                Smith County             City            500
Kentucky                  Jefferson County         Township        1,612
Key West                  Coffey County            Township        214
Keystone                  Scott County             Township        128
Keysville                 Pawnee County            Township        55
Kickapoo                  Leavenworth County       Township        1,909
Kill Creek                Osborne County           Township        52
Kimeo                     Washington County        Township        80
Kincaid                   Anderson County          City            174
King City                 McPherson County         Township        467
Kingery                   Thomas County            Township        100
Kingman                   Kingman County           City            3,145
Kingsdown                 Ford County              Zip Code        0
Kinsley                   Edwards County           City            1,533
Kiowa                     Barber County            City            1,002
Kirwin                    Phillips County          City            256
Kismet                    Seward County            City            468
La Crosse                 Rush County              City            1,195
La Crosse-Brookdale       Rush County              Township        1,305
La Cygne                  Linn County              City            1,229
La Harpe                  Allen County             City            683
Labette                   Labette County           City            72
Lacey                     Thomas County            Township        157
Ladore                    Neosho County            Township        395
Lafayette                 Chautauqua County        Township        72
Lafontaine                Wilson County            Zip Code        0
Lake                      Harvey County            Township        215
Lake City                 Barber County            Township        94
Lake Of The Forest        Wyandotte County         Zip Code        0
Lake Quivira              Johnson County           City            1,013
Lakin                     Kearny County            City            2,160
Lamont                    Hamilton County          Township        89
Lancaster                 Atchison County          City            304
Lane                      Franklin County          City            279
Langdon                   Reno County              City            62
Langley                   Ellsworth County         Township        80
Lansing                   Leavenworth County       City            8,582
Larned                    Pawnee County            City            4,223
Larrabee                  Gove County              Township        91
Latham                    Butler County            City            192
Latimer                   Morris County            City            19
Lawrence                  Douglas County           City            74,244
Lawton                    Cherokee County          Zip Code        0
Le Roy                    Coffey County            City            616
Leavenworth               Leavenworth County       City            39,227
Leawood                   Johnson County           City            25,886
Lebanon                   Smith County             City            321
Lebo                      Coffey County            City            920
Lecompton                 Douglas County           City            624
Lees                      Logan County             Township        36
Lehigh                    Marion County            City            195
Lenexa                    Johnson County           City            38,826
Lenora                    Norton County            City            297
Leon                      Butler County            City            870
Leona                     Doniphan County          City            37
Leonardville              Riley County             City            322
Leoti                     Wichita County           City            1,687
Levant                    Thomas County            Zip Code        0
Lewis                     Edwards County           City            423
Lexington                 Johnson County           Township        2,226
Liberal                   Seward County            City            17,486
Liberty                   Montgomery County        City            133
Liebenthal                Rush County              City            106
Limestone                 Jewell County            Township        82
Lincoln                   Linn County              Township        1,839
Lincoln Center            Lincoln County           City            1,262
Lincolnville              Marion County            City            210
Lindsborg                 McPherson County         City            3,213
Linn                      Washington County        City            393
Linn Valley               Linn County              Zip Code        0
Linwood                   Leavenworth County       City            403
Little Blue               Washington County        Township        95
Little Caney              Chautauqua County        Township        264
Little River              Rice County              City            476
Little Valley             McPherson County         Township        470
Little Walnut             Butler County            Township        1,194
Llanos                    Sherman County           Township        44
Lockport                  Haskell County           Township        583
Loda                      Reno County              Township        124
Logan                     Phillips County          City            568
Logansport                Logan County             Township        5
Lola                      Cherokee County          Township        398
London                    Sumner County            Township        682
Lone Elm                  Anderson County          City            32
Lone Star                 Rush County              Township        286
Lone Tree                 McPherson County         Township        476
Long Island               Phillips County          City            165
Longford                  Clay County              City            64
Longton                   Elk County               City            388
Lookout                   Ellis County             Township        539
Lorraine                  Ellsworth County         City            141
Lost Springs              Marion County            City            111
Louisburg                 Miami County             City            2,334
Louisville                Pottawatomie County      City            263
Lowe                      Washington County        Township        81
Lowell                    Cherokee County          Township        628
Lucas                     Russell County           City            456
Ludell                    Rawlins County           Township        140
Lulu                      Mitchell County          Township        81
Luray                     Russell County           City            241
Lyndon                    Osage County             City            1,036
Lyon                      Cherokee County          Township        585
Lyons                     Rice County              City            3,506
Macksville                Stafford County          City            480
Macon                     Harvey County            Township        924
Madison                   Greenwood County         City            826
Mahaska                   Washington County        City            93
Maize                     Sedgwick County          City            1,833
Manchester                Dickinson County         City            82
Manhattan                 Riley County             City            41,318
Mankato                   Jewell County            City            923
Manter                    Stanton County           City            181
Maple                     Cowley County            Township        604
Maple City                Cowley County            Zip Code        0
Maple Hill                Wabaunsee County         City            446
Mapleton                  Bourbon County           City            100
Marena                    Hodgeman County          Township        504
Marienthal                Wichita County           Zip Code        0
Marion                    Marion County            City            1,807
Marmaton                  Allen County             Township        893
Marquette                 McPherson County         City            581
Martin                    Smith County             Township        40
Marysville                Marshall County          City            3,014
Matfield                  Chase County             Township        141
Matfield Green            Chase County             City            33
May Day                   Riley County             Township        87
Mayetta                   Jackson County           City            256
Mayfield                  Sumner County            City            119
McAdoo                    Barber County            Township        28
McAllaster                Logan County             Township        30
McCamish                  Johnson County           Township        1,017
Mcconnell Afb             Sedgwick County          Zip Code        0
McCracken                 Rush County              City            218
McCune                    Crawford County          City            480
McDonald                  Rawlins County           City            165
McFarland                 Wabaunsee County         City            216
McLouth                   Jefferson County         City            849
McPherson                 McPherson County         City            13,284
Meade                     Meade County             City            1,522
Meade Center              Meade County             Township        1,843
Medford                   Reno County              Township        173
Medicine Lodge            Barber County            City            2,146
Medora                    Reno County              Township        1,620
Medway                    Hamilton County          Township        37
Melvern                   Osage County             City            499
Menlo                     Thomas County            City            49
Menno                     Marion County            Township        327
Menoken                   Shawnee County           Township        1,368
Mentor                    Saline County            Zip Code        0
Meredith                  Cloud County             Township        79
Meriden                   Jefferson County         City            697
Meridian                  McPherson County         Township        328
Merriam                   Johnson County           City            12,103
Mertilla                  Meade County             Township        230
Miami                     Reno County              Township        516
Michigan                  Scott County             Township        110
Middle Creek              Miami County             Township        1,520
Milan                     Sumner County            City            117
Mildred                   Allen County             City            45
Milford                   Geary County             City            501
Mill Creek                Pottawatomie County      Township        1,099
Millbrook                 Graham County            Township        164
Milton                    Butler County            Township        1,231
Miltonvale                Cloud County             City            417
Mineral                   Cherokee County          Township        266
Mingona                   Barber County            Township        49
Minneapolis               Ottawa County            City            2,012
Minneha                   Sedgwick County          Township        7,774
Minneola                  Clark County             City            701
Mirage                    Rawlins County           Township        43
Mission                   Johnson County           City            9,478
Mission Creek             Wabaunsee County         Township        463
Mission Hills             Johnson County           City            3,433
Mission Woods             Johnson County           City            179
Mitchell                  Nemaha County            Township        357
Modoc                     Wichita County           Zip Code        0
Moline                    Elk County               City            471
Monmouth                  Shawnee County           Township        2,205
Monroe                    Anderson County          Township        398
Montana                   Labette County           Township        231
Montezuma                 Gray County              City            879
Monticello                Johnson County           Township        159
Monument                  Logan County             Township        154
Monumentx                 Logan County             Zip Code        0
Moore                     Marion County            Township        74
Moran                     Allen County             City            538
Morgan                    Thomas County            Township        643
Morganville               Clay County              City            182
Morlan                    Graham County            Township        104
Morland                   Graham County            City            213
Morrill                   Brown County             City            279
Morris                    Sumner County            Township        64
Morrowville               Washington County        City            163
Morton                    Sedgwick County          Township        2,073
Moscow                    Stevens County           City            258
Mound                     McPherson County         Township        2,012
Mound City                Linn County              City            831
Mound Valley              Labette County           City            402
Moundridge                McPherson County         City            1,532
Mount Ayr                 Osborne County           Township        63
Mount Hope                Sedgwick County          City            843
Mount Pleasant            Labette County           Township        1,314
Mulberry                  Crawford County          City            573
Mullinville               Kiowa County             City            292
Mulvane                   Sedgwick County          City            5,134
Munden                    Republic County          City            141
Murdock                   Butler County            Township        466
Murray                    Marshall County          Township        654
Muscotah                  Atchison County          City            194
Narka                     Republic County          City            112
Nashville                 Kingman County           City            125
Natoma                    Osborne County           City            348
Navarre                   Dickinson County         Zip Code        0
Neal                      Greenwood County         Zip Code        0
Nekoma                    Rush County              Zip Code        0
Nelson                    Cloud County             Township        149
Nemaha                    Nemaha County            Township        187
Neodesha                  Wilson County            City            2,689
Neosho                    Cherokee County          Township        313
Neosho Falls              Woodson County           City            162
Neosho Rapids             Lyon County              City            250
Ness City                 Ness County              City            1,541
Netawaka                  Jackson County           City            170
Neuchatel                 Nemaha County            Township        125
Nevada                    Ness County              Township        520
New Albany                Wilson County            City            64
New Almelo                Norton County            Zip Code        0
New Cambria               Saline County            City            169
New Century               Johnson County           Zip Code        0
New Gottland              McPherson County         Township        305
New Strawn                Coffey County            City            445
Newark                    Wilson County            Township        238
Newbern                   Dickinson County         Township        369
Newbury                   Wabaunsee County         Township        954
Newton                    Harvey County            City            18,070
Nickerson                 Reno County              City            1,115
Nicodemus                 Graham County            Township        61
Ninnescah                 Sedgwick County          Township        2,752
Niotaze                   Chautauqua County        City            98
Nippawalla                Barber County            Township        43
Noble                     Dickinson County         Township        1,870
Norcatur                  Decatur County           City            172
North                     Labette County           Township        633
North Brown               Edwards County           Township        97
North Homestead           Barton County            Township        120
North Newton              Harvey County            City            1,491
North Randall             Thomas County            Township        91
North Rich                Anderson County          Township        104
North Roscoe              Hodgeman County          Township        76
North Seward              Stafford County          Township        248
Norton                    Norton County            City            2,808
Nortonville               Jefferson County         City            630
Norway                    Republic County          Township        154
Norwich                   Kingman County           City            464
Oak                       Smith County             Township        413
Oak Hill                  Clay County              City            13
Oak Valley                Elk County               Township        134
Oakhill                   Clay County              Zip Code        0
Oakland                   Clay County              Township        97
Oakley                    Logan County             City            1,991
Oberlin                   Decatur County           City            1,852
Odee                      Meade County             Township        48
Odessa                    Rice County              Township        64
Odin                      Barton County            Zip Code        0
Offerle                   Edwards County           City            214
Ogallah                   Trego County             Township        216
Ogden                     Riley County             City            1,705
Ohio                      Sedgwick County          Township        1,083
Oketo                     Marshall County          City            113
Olathe                    Johnson County           City            85,035
Olive                     Decatur County           Township        71
Olivet                    Osage County             City            70
Olmitz                    Barton County            City            120
Olpe                      Lyon County              City            443
Olsburg                   Pottawatomie County      City            190
Omnia                     Cowley County            Township        318
Onaga                     Pottawatomie County      City            758
Oneida                    Nemaha County            City            77
Opolis                    Crawford County          Zip Code        0
Orange                    Lincoln County           Township        97
Orlando                   Cheyenne County          Township        64
Osage                     Crawford County          Township        823
Osage City                Osage County             City            2,951
Osawatomie                Miami County             City            4,568
Osborne                   Osborne County           City            1,829
Oskaloosa                 Jefferson County         City            1,148
Oswego                    Labette County           City            2,119
Otis                      Rush County              City            363
Ottawa                    Franklin County          City            11,963
Otter                     Cowley County            Township        46
Otter Creek               Greenwood County         Township        198
Ottumwa                   Coffey County            Township        713
Overbrook                 Osage County             City            1,008
Overland                  Morris County            Township        69
Overland Park             Johnson County           City            139,685
Oxford                    Sumner County            City            1,218
Ozark                     Anderson County          Township        604
Ozawkie                   Jefferson County         City            494
Padonia                   Brown County             Township        312
Painterhood               Elk County               Township        81
Palacky                   Ellsworth County         Township        67
Palco                     Rooks County             City            270
Palestine                 Sumner County            Township        285
Palmer                    Washington County        City            114
Palmyra                   Douglas County           Township        5,481
Paola                     Miami County             City            4,715
Paradise                  Russell County           City            65
Paris                     Linn County              Township        508
Park                      Gove County              City            147
Park City                 Sedgwick County          City            5,607
Parker                    Linn County              City            277
Parkerville               Morris County            City            28
Parnell                   Sheridan County          Township        108
Parsons                   Labette County           City            11,163
Partridge                 Reno County              City            228
Pauline                   Shawnee County           Zip Code        0
Paw Paw                   Elk County               Township        151
Pawnee                    Bourbon County           Township        295
Pawnee Rock               Barton County            City            341
Paxico                    Wabaunsee County         City            183
Paxton                    Logan County             Township        42
Payne                     Sedgwick County          Township        880
Peabody                   Marion County            City            1,271
Peck                      Sumner County            Zip Code        0
Penalosa                  Kingman County           City            23
Penn                      Osborne County           Township        132
Penokee                   Graham County            Zip Code        0
Peoria                    Franklin County          Township        604
Perry                     Jefferson County         City            941
Peru                      Chautauqua County        City            204
Peters                    Kingman County           Township        187
Pfeifer                   Ellis County             Zip Code        0
Phillipsburg              Phillips County          City            2,504
Piedmont                  Greenwood County         Zip Code        0
Pierceville               Finney County            Township        554
Pike                      Lyon County              Township        942
Pioneer                   Rush County              Township        456
Piqua                     Woodson County           Zip Code        0
Pittsburg                 Crawford County          City            18,508
Plains                    Meade County             Zip Code        0
Plains City               Meade County             City            984
Plainview                 Phillips County          Township        24
Plainville                Rooks County             City            1,993
Pleasant                  Butler County            Township        5,267
Pleasant Grove            Pawnee County            Township        261
Pleasant Ridge            Pawnee County            Township        77
Pleasant Valley           Cowley County            Township        852
Pleasant View             Cherokee County          Township        566
Pleasantdale              Rush County              Township        46
Pleasanton                Linn County              City            1,325
Plevna                    Reno County              City            123
Plum                      Phillips County          Township        388
Plum Creek                Mitchell County          Township        103
Plum Grove                Butler County            Township        716
Plumb                     Wabaunsee County         Township        612
Plymouth                  Russell County           Township        306
Pomona                    Franklin County          City            1,006
Portis                    Osborne County           City            121
Potosi                    Linn County              Township        2,064
Pottawatomie              Franklin County          Township        664
Potter                    Atchison County          Zip Code        0
Potwin                    Butler County            City            472
Powell                    Comanche County          Township        102
Powhattan                 Brown County             City            111
Prairie                   Jewell County            Township        170
Prairie Dog               Sheridan County          Township        66
Prairie View              Phillips County          City            104
Prairie Village           Johnson County           City            23,365
Pratt                     Pratt County             City            6,525
Prescott                  Linn County              City            315
Preston                   Pratt County             City            188
Pretty Prairie            Reno County              City            577
Princeton                 Franklin County          City            302
Prospect                  Butler County            Township        2,349
Protection                Comanche County          City            546
Putnam                    Anderson County          Township        300
Quenemo                   Osage County             City            390
Quincy                    Greenwood County         Township        190
Quinter                   Gove County              City            821
Radium                    Stafford County          City            44
Radley                    Crawford County          Zip Code        0
Rago                      Kingman County           Zip Code        0
Ramona                    Marion County            City            120
Randall                   Jewell County            City            82
Randolph                  Riley County             City            118
Ransom                    Ness County              City            343
Rantoul                   Franklin County          City            236
Raymond                   Rice County              City            120
Reading                   Lyon County              City            270
Red Vermillion            Nemaha County            Township        131
Redfield                  Bourbon County           City            148
Reeder                    Anderson County          Township        433
Reilly                    Nemaha County            Township        153
Reno                      Reno County              Township        4,768
Republic                  Republic County          City            169
Republican                Clay County              Township        1,089
Reserve                   Brown County             City            94
Rexford                   Thomas County            City            169
Rice                      Cloud County             Zip Code        0
Rich                      Anderson County          Township        358
Richfield                 Morton County            City            52
Richland                  Butler County            Township        1,999
Richmond                  Franklin County          City            518
Ridge                     Dickinson County         Township        173
Ridgeway                  Osage County             Township        2,844
Riley                     Riley County             City            720
Rinehart                  Dickinson County         Township        208
Risley                    Marion County            Township        242
River                     Pawnee County            Township        103
Riverside                 Sedgwick County          Township        16,873
Riverton                  Cherokee County          Zip Code        0
Robinson                  Brown County             City            261
Rocewood                  Rawlins County           Township        497
Rochester                 Kingman County           Township        215
Rock                      Marshall County          Township        116
Rock Creek                Jefferson County         Township        2,698
Rockford                  Sedgwick County          Township        20,860
Rockville                 Rice County              Township        140
Roeland Park              Johnson County           City            7,644
Rolla                     Morton County            City            461
Roosevelt                 Decatur County           Township        25
Rosalia                   Butler County            Township        676
Roscoe                    Reno County              Township        124
Rose Creek                Republic County          Township        174
Rose Hill                 Butler County            City            3,299
Rose Valley               Stafford County          Township        80
Rosedale                  Wyandotte County         Zip Code        0
Roseland                  Cherokee County          City            105
Ross                      Osborne County           Township        1,133
Rossville                 Shawnee County           City            1,069
Round Mound               Osborne County           Township        55
Round Springs             Mitchell County          Township        41
Rovohl                    Thomas County            Township        169
Roxbury                   McPherson County         Zip Code        0
Royal                     Ford County              Township        119
Rozel                     Pawnee County            City            176
Rural                     Jefferson County         Township        702
Rush Center               Rush County              City            171
Rushville                 Phillips County          Township        16
Russell                   Russell County           City            4,509
Russell Springs           Logan County             City            26
Rutland                   Montgomery County        Township        351
Ryan                      Sumner County            Township        259
Sabetha                   Nemaha County            City            2,355
Salamanca                 Cherokee County          Township        641
Salem                     Sedgwick County          Township        8,945
Salina                    Saline County            City            44,022
Salt Creek                Reno County              Township        478
Salt Springs              Greenwood County         Township        421
Sand Creek                Meade County             Township        48
Santa Fe                  Pawnee County            Township        626
Sappa                     Decatur County           Township        42
Sarcoxie                  Jefferson County         Township        901
Satanta                   Haskell County           City            986
Savonburg                 Allen County             City            95
Sawlog                    Hodgeman County          Township        104
Sawmill                   Pawnee County            Township        29
Sawyer                    Pratt County             City            187
Scammon                   Cherokee County          City            505
Scandia                   Republic County          City            375
Schoenchen                Ellis County             City            201
Scott                     Scott County             Township        303
Scott City                Scott County             City            3,600
Scottsville               Mitchell County          City            24
Scranton                  Osage County             City            714
Sedan                     Chautauqua County        City            1,276
Sedgwick                  Harvey County            City            1,518
Selden                    Sheridan County          City            221
Seneca                    Nemaha County            City            1,938
Seventy-Six               Sumner County            Township        279
Severance                 Doniphan County          City            93
Severy                    Greenwood County         City            385
Seward                    Stafford County          City            71
Shannon                   Atchison County          Township        1,490
Sharon                    Barber County            City            254
Sharon Spgs               Wallace County           Zip Code        0
Sharon Springs            Wallace County           City            850
Shawnee                   Johnson County           City            45,250
Shawnee Mission           Johnson County           Zip Code        0
Shell Rock                Greenwood County         Township        224
Sheridan                  Crawford County          Township        1,436
Sherlock                  Finney County            Township        2,740
Sherman                   Leavenworth County       Township        2,459
Shermanville              Sherman County           Township        33
Shields                   Lane County              Zip Code        0
Shiley                    Pawnee County            Township        42
Shiloh                    Neosho County            Township        307
Shirley                   Cloud County             Township        175
Sibley                    Cloud County             Township        190
Silver Creek              Cowley County            Township        694
Silver Lake               Shawnee County           City            1,393
Silverdale                Cowley County            Township        368
Simpson                   Mitchell County          City            101
Sinclair                  Jewell County            Township        73
Sitka                     Clark County             Township        126
Smith                     Thomas County            Township        244
Smith Center              Smith County             City            1,841
Smoky                     Sherman County           Township        91
Smoky Hill                Geary County             Township        4,889
Smoky View                Saline County            Township        794
Smolan                    Saline County            City            194
Sodville                  Ford County              Township        139
Soldier                   Jackson County           City            124
Solomon                   Dickinson County         City            1,031
Solomon Rapids            Mitchell County          Township        82
Solomon-District 3        Norton County            Township        188
South Bend                Barton County            Township        779
South Brown               Edwards County           Township        93
South Haven               Sumner County            City            457
South Homestead           Barton County            Township        377
South Hutchinson          Reno County              City            2,552
South Randall             Thomas County            Township        267
South Roscoe              Hodgeman County          Township        111
South Salem               Greenwood County         Township        139
South Seward              Stafford County          Township        86
South Sharps Creek        McPherson County         Township        104
Southside                 Kearny County            Township        237
Spearville                Ford County              City            742
Speed                     Phillips County          City            62
Spivey                    Kingman County           City            99
Spring                    Butler County            Township        1,704
Spring Creek              Saline County            Township        327
Spring Hill               Johnson County           City            2,538
Spring Valley             Cherokee County          Township        1,152
Springbrook               Sheridan County          Township        95
Springdale                Sumner County            Township        717
St. Bridget               Marshall County          Township        202
St. Clere                 Pottawatomie County      Township        84
St. Francis               Cheyenne County          City            1,476
St. George                Pottawatomie County      City            434
St. John                  Stafford County          City            1,199
St. Marys                 Pottawatomie County      City            1,972
St. Paul                  Neosho County            City            701
Stafford                  Stafford County          City            1,171
Stanley                   Johnson County           Zip Code        0
Stanton                   Miami County             Township        928
Star                      Coffey County            Township        166
Stark                     Neosho County            City            79
Starr                     Cloud County             Township        543
Stateline                 Sherman County           Township        396
Sterling                  Rice County              City            2,218
Stilwell                  Johnson County           Zip Code        0
Stockton                  Rooks County             City            1,383
Straight Creek            Jackson County           Township        199
Stranger                  Leavenworth County       Township        2,303
Strawberry                Washington County        Township        151
Strong                    Chase County             Township        762
Strong City               Chase County             City            608
Studley                   Sheridan County          Zip Code        0
Stuttgart                 Phillips County          Zip Code        0
Sublette                  Haskell County           City            1,437
Sugar Creek               Miami County             Township        459
Summerfield               Marshall County          City            166
Summers                   Thomas County            Township        207
Summit                    Chautauqua County        Township        107
Sumner                    Reno County              Township        501
Sun City                  Barber County            City            83
Superior                  McPherson County         Township        1,522
Susank                    Barton County            City            56
Swan                      Smith County             Township        51
Swede Creek               Riley County             Township        163
Sycamore                  Montgomery County        Township        822
Sylvan Grove              Lincoln County           City            277
Sylvia                    Reno County              City            316
Syracuse                  Hamilton County          City            1,574
Talleyrand                Wilson County            Township        226
Talmage                   Dickinson County         Zip Code        0
Tampa                     Marion County            City            102
Tecumseh                  Shawnee County           Township        8,171
Ten Mile                  Miami County             Township        1,228
Terry                     Finney County            Township        257
Tescott                   Ottawa County            City            343
Thayer                    Neosho County            City            444
Thomas                    Ellsworth County         Township        67
Tilden                    Osborne County           Township        92
Timberhill                Bourbon County           Township        254
Timken                    Rush County              City            82
Tioga                     Neosho County            Township        898
Tipton                    Mitchell County          City            253
Tisdale                   Cowley County            Township        307
Toledo                    Chase County             Township        267
Tonganoxie                Leavenworth County       City            2,823
Topeka                    Shawnee County           City            118,977
Toronto                   Woodson County           City            297
Towanda                   Butler County            City            1,426
Treece                    Cherokee County          City            190
Trenton                   Edwards County           Township        278
Tribune                   Greeley County           City            846
Trivoli                   Ellsworth County         Township        53
Troy                      Doniphan County          City            974
Turkey Creek              McPherson County         Township        284
Turon                     Reno County              City            402
Twin Grove                Greenwood County         Township        707
Tyro                      Montgomery County        City            238
Udall                     Cowley County            City            848
Ulysses                   Grant County             City            6,217
Union                     Sedgwick County          Township        2,257
Union Center              Elk County               Township        116
Uniontown                 Bourbon County           City            300
Utica                     Ness County              City            191
Valley                    Miami County             Township        1,740
Valley Brook              Osage County             Township        1,590
Valley Center             Sedgwick County          City            4,201
Valley Falls              Jefferson County         City            1,290
Valverde                  Sumner County            Township        141
Vassar                    Osage County             Zip Code        0
Verdigris                 Wilson County            Township        344
Vermillion                Marshall County          City            95
Vernon                    Cowley County            Township        527
Vesper                    Lincoln County           Township        101
Vicksburg                 Jewell County            Township        39
Victor                    Osborne County           Township        34
Victoria                  Ellis County             City            1,214
Vienna                    Pottawatomie County      Township        146
Vining                    Clay County              City            54
Vinita                    Kingman County           Township        204
Viola                     Sedgwick County          City            225
Virgil                    Greenwood County         City            86
Vliets                    Marshall County          Zip Code        0
Voltaire                  Sherman County           Township        274
Wa Keeney                 Trego County             Zip Code        0
Wabaunsee                 Wabaunsee County         Township        471
Waco                      Sedgwick County          Township        2,880
Wakarusa                  Douglas County           Township        2,476
WaKeeney                  Trego County             City            1,905
Wakefield                 Clay County              City            933
Waldo                     Russell County           City            57
Waldron                   Harper County            City            17
Walker                    Anderson County          Township        520
Wallace                   Wallace County           City            76
Walnut                    Crawford County          City            212
Walnut Creek              Mitchell County          Township        46
Walnut Grove              Neosho County            Township        373
Walton                    Harvey County            City            245
Wamego                    Pottawatomie County      City            4,074
Wano                      Cheyenne County          Township        2,088
Waring                    Ness County              Township        141
Washington                Washington County        City            1,251
Waterloo                  Lyon County              Township        304
Waterville                Marshall County          City            527
Wathena                   Doniphan County          City            1,113
Waverly                   Coffey County            City            574
Wayne                     Edwards County           Township        524
Wea                       Miami County             Township        1,240
Webber                    Jewell County            City            38
Webster                   Wilson County            Township        58
Weir                      Cherokee County          City            810
Welda                     Anderson County          Township        305
Wellington                Sumner County            City            8,470
Wells                     Marshall County          Township        130
Wellsville                Franklin County          City            1,658
Wendell                   Thomas County            Township        80
Weskan                    Wallace County           Township        381
West Branch               Marion County            Township        1,010
West Cherry               Montgomery County        Township        211
West Cooper               Stafford County          Township        84
West Hale                 Thomas County            Township        353
West Hibbard              Kearny County            Township        70
West Mineral              Cherokee County          City            248
West Plains               Meade County             Township        1,148
West Saline               Sheridan County          Township        107
West Washington           Rice County              Township        141
Western                   Logan County             Township        47
Westfall                  Lincoln County           Zip Code        0
Westminster               Reno County              Township        280
Westmoreland              Pottawatomie County      City            625
Westphalia                Anderson County          City            153
Westwood                  Johnson County           City            1,748
Westwood Hills            Johnson County           City            372
Wetmore                   Nemaha County            City            278
Wheatland                 Ellis County             Township        448
Wheaton                   Pottawatomie County      City            121
Wheatonx                  Pottawatomie County      Zip Code        0
Wheeler                   Cheyenne County          Zip Code        0
White                     Kingman County           Township        494
White City                Morris County            City            507
White Cloud               Doniphan County          City            245
White Mound               Jewell County            Township        77
White Rock                Republic County          Township        76
Whitewater                Butler County            City            714
Whiting                   Jackson County           City            227
Wichita                   Sedgwick County          City            329,211
Wilburn                   Ford County              Township        103
Wilcox                    Trego County             Township        113
Wildcat                   Elk County               Township        681
Wildhorse                 Graham County            Township        300
Willard                   Shawnee County           City            112
Williamsburg              Franklin County          City            303
Williamsport              Shawnee County           Township        4,313
Willis                    Brown County             City            87
Willow Springs            Douglas County           Township        1,516
Willowbrook               Reno County              City            90
Willowdale                Dickinson County         Township        213
Wilmington                Wabaunsee County         Township        744
Wilmore                   Comanche County          City            66
Wilsey                    Morris County            City            149
Wilson                    Ellsworth County         City            716
Winchester                Jefferson County         City            689
Windom                    McPherson County         City            135
Windsor                   Cowley County            Township        209
Winfield                  Cowley County            City            11,533
Wingfield                 Geary County             Township        125
Winona                    Logan County             City            181
Winterset                 Russell County           Township        96
Wolf River                Doniphan County          Township        407
Woodbine                  Dickinson County         City            196
Woodston                  Rooks County             City            114
Wright                    Ford County              Zip Code        0
Yates Center              Woodson County           City            1,705
Yoder                     Reno County              Township        810
York                      Stafford County          Township        71
Zeandale                  Riley County             Township        324
Zenda                     Kingman County           City            103
Zurich                    Rooks County             City            150

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